Japanese Braiding with a Kumihimo disc

Kumihimo braiding

KUMIHIMO, Japanese Braiding with a Kumihimo disc

KUMIHiMO is an old Japanese braiding art, that is more than 1000 years old. With Kumihimo you can braid lovely cords and bands. Original Kumihimo is done on a marudai or kakudai, on which the threads are braided with some weights on them, to keep them straigt. These are quite expensive and not easy to carry them with you.

With the Kumihimo Disc, it is getting more popular every day, cause the disc is cheap and you can easily take your braid with you. Using the kumihimo disc is very easy and simple to learn. And this way Kumihimo becomes even more fun.

The braided cords can be used for bracelets, keychains and more jewelry. You can use all different materials, like cotton, satincord, waxcord or all other cords you like to use.

Even for children the kumihimo is lots of fun to do.. easy to do and lots of fun!!!
The braiding looks a bit like scoubidou but scoubidou was knotting and this is braiding, but it is even easier to do. Only you do need the kumihimo disc to do the braiding.
The Scoubidou strands are fantastic for children to do kumihimo! Plastic, fun colors and water resistant.

A beautiful bracelet with some nice glassbeads for making an shining jewelry with kumihimo
Look here how to make this bracelet

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