Japanese Braiding with a Kumihimo disc

Begin kumihimo with 4 strands

To start braiding, you first have to think about what you want to braid and which pattern you want to use, a bracelet, keychain, necklace or another kumihimo craft. This way you know how many strings you will need and how long they need to be.

Put the strings double if this is needed (pe for a keychain or a chain for you bag or mobile or so) and tie them together with some thin wire or a thin cord.
For a longer cord or bracelet, make a big knot into the strings (photo 1) and put them on the disc (photo 2).
Make sure you mark the top of the disc, keep this spot always on the top to avoid, that you will have forgotten whatever the top of your disc was and make sure that the kumihimo craft will always have the same pattern.
Hold the braided ends nice and tight so your kumihimo craft will be nice and evenly braided.
Kumihimo braiding
photo 1
Kumihimo braiding
photo 2

How to braid can you see on the basic instruction, on the basic instruction we explain with photo's how to braid the schemes.

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