Japanese Braiding with a Kumihimo disc

Basic intruction with 4 strings

To explain how a pattern has to be made, we made schemes, repeat each serie of scheme to complete the pattern. Some patterns have 2 scheme's and other patterns might need more scheme's. The scheme below we explained with photo, so it will be clear what the intention of the scheme's are. All other other scheme's/patterns on this site, won't be explained with photo's but only with the scheme's.

On the scheme's you see the colours how you need to do the first serie of braiding, after the first serie, the colours won't be on the same. The colours on the schemes are there so you can check if you put the strings on the right place.
So after the first serie, only watch the arrows how to braid.

Pattern 1 with 4 strings

This simple pattern we explain with the shceme's, If you look carefully at the scheme's you will see clearly how you need to braid the strings. Look carefully at the arrow and the place where you need to braid the strings to.

Start with putting the strings on your disc similar to photo 1, now look at the schenes'to braid the pattern. REpeat scheme 1 and 2 until your kumhimo craft has the desired lenght.
Scheme 1
Scheme 2
Resul pattern 1
Kumihimo Put the strings on . Kumihimo Step 1 of scheme 1
The blue string to upper left
Kumihimo Step 2 of scheme 1
The black string to down left Het zwarte touwtje naar rechtsonder
Kumihimo Step 1 of schemea 2
The green string from left to right (above the white string)
Kumihimo Step 2 of scheme 2
The white string from left to right

Pattern 2 with 4 strings

This is anohter simple pattern with 4 string>
With this pattern the result will be a nice twisted cord. (see result pattern 2)
Scheme 1
Scheme 2
result pattern 2

Other colour combinations

Below you see a few more cords made with pattern 1 and 2, so you can see how the result will change, just by the choice of colours and the place of the strings.

Cords pattern 1

Kumihimo Kumihimo Kumihimo

Cords pattern 2

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